Work in groups of 2-4 to complete this activity.

Activities are based upon making a reasonable attempt to complete the activity. Students will upload a screenshot/photo of the completed activity to Canvas to be graded.

Read the instructions before opening the link.

  1. After opening the link, look in the bottom left corner of the page for the + and – signs. Click the minus sign until only “Team 1” remains.
  2. Click on any point value to select a question.
  3. Write down your answer.
  4. Click on the question to reveal and check your answer.
  5. If you got it correct on the first attempt, click on the check mark under “Team 1”.
  6. If you get a question wrong, look over your work and ask for help to make sure you understand how to get to the correct answer.
  7. Click again to go back to the game board.
  8. Continue working on additional problems.
  9. After you have attempted each question, take a screenshot (see example below) and upload to Canvas.

Note: The screenshot lets me see how far students got and how many questions you got correct on the first attempt.  The actual score on the game has NO affect on your grade for this assignment.